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Yoga & Health

It is important to rehabilitate the person to reduce the occurrence of diseases. Resolving only  disease of a person increases the probability of its recurrence.

Because disease is not the root cause in itself. Root cause for any disease exists in person only.

Therefore Yoga Expert (Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Singh) used to diagnose every health aspirant through various subtle techniques as well as previous medical report analysis. After diagnosis, root cause is find out which is responsible for occurring disease.

After finding of root cause, next step is healing of root cause and treatment of the person. For this purpose, various techniques used to implement simultaneously for curing the root cause and its prevention of the  person earlier.

Techniques for Healing & Treatment: YogicTechniques


Shatkarma is collection of purification techniques. By using this health aspirant first purify the whole body – the stomach, intestines, respiratory system,  nervous system and others systems. After purification, maintaining self-control and self-discipline is easy.

Shatkarma’s Techniques include the following:

1. Laghu Shankha Prakshalana

2. Vaman Dhauti

3. Dand Dhauti

4. Jal Neti

5. Sutra Neti

6. Rubber Neti

7. Sheetkram

8. Vyutkram

9. Vatkram

10. Agnisar

11. Kapalrandhra

After purification of the body establishing voluntary control over involuntary reflexes in our body used to easy and natural. Hence asana becomes helpful for maintaining self-control in our life.

Besides asana improves the muscular efficiency, cardiovascular activity. Asana minimizes the metabolic rate of our body also. Asana is helpful as anti-aging techniques also.

Pranayama provides self-discipline in our body and life. It is helpful for improving the vital energy in our body also.

Pranayama establishes balance between sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system also.


Meditation is very effective for healing at emotional level and enhancing the emotional quotient of aspirant.

It induces lightness to the body and relaxation to the mind and also revitalises, energises and rejuvenates each and every cell of the body.



Acupressure is effective for channelizing the bio-plasmic energy through meridians. By this medical system, curing the individual organs are easy and convenient also.

Any health aspirant who unable to do Shatkarma, Asana, Pranayama etc. For them acupressure is possible also.

It is one of the best technique for relieving certain kind of pain immediately without side effect.

Diet Therapy

Diet is the building block for our physical body. Hence by proper management of diet we are able to cure diseases easily.


By using natural five elements like air, water, fire, earth and ether we can cure the diseases.

Naturopathy techniques are very cost effective also.


Each eatables has medicinal property. By this way they are helpful for minimizing the time span of healing.

If we take an appropriate eatable in specific way then they used to work as herbal.