Nirmala Institute of Yoga & Health

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Every health aspirant used to diagnose here holistically with the help of Nadi Parikshan, eight-fold diagnosis and analysis of relevant laboratory reports by yoga expert (Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Singh). During the diagnosis session, almost every health issues related with the aspirant used to tell just ahead of them. Besides, the root cause of health issues used to tell also.In this session, yoga expert doesn’t ask any questions regarding health issues. Thereafter he is efficient and competent for perceiving the issues related with physical, psychological and emotional level of aspirant body/life.

Institute provides the services for the treatment of diseases viz. ..

Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

Sometimes stressful niche is not handled or confronted by our body properly and the stressor remains in our life. Then HPA axis starts working to defend our body. In that situation, secretion of insulin is inhibited; and supply of glucose is increased in the serum. Due to the lack of insulin, glucose molecules are not absorbed by the cell’s membranes. Besides this, cell’s membranes becomes less sensitive to insulin receptor. Finally, hyperglycemia arises. If hyperglycemia persists for longer time period then multifarious disorders grows and diabetes mellitus type 2 comes into existence.

Used Line of Yogic Techniques

  • Deactivate the HPA Axis
  • Activate parasympathetic nervous system
  • Rejuvenate the pancreas
  • Asthma

    Asthma is a disease of the respiratory system with symptoms including coughing, sudden difficulty in breathing, and a tight feeling in the chest; which is a Kaphaj Vyadhi. Sometimes it used to become life threatening along with other corresponding disorders also. Usually it is considered as incurable disease. On the other hand, with the assistance of yogic practices it used to be cure permanently within 2-4 months of continuous treatment. At this institute many health aspirants who were suffering from this kind of disease they recovered readily by only yogic techniques.

    Used Line of Yogic Techniques

  •  Eliminate stored phlegm and cough
  • Stop formation of excess phlegm
  • Revitalize whole respiratory system
  • Arthritis / Joint Pain

    Sometimes Arthritis is a physiological condition which primarily affects the joints, causing pain, swelling, and stiffness by which movement and locomotion used to hindered. It is a Vataj Vyadhi. In this, it seems that skeletal system used to start degenerate rapidly. If we treat only skeletal system then treatment is impossible. Because root cause is somewhere else. Verily this disorder is outcome of irregular catabolism and anabolism in our whole body. By this way ph value of body used to decrease and acidic level used to increase. In this situation degeneration used to occur rapidly and arthritis’s condition used to aggravates.

    Used Line of Yogic Techniques

    • Reduce acidic level
    • Regulate metabolism
    • Anti-aging yogic techniques

    Digestive Disorders

    It is well-known that digestive system is the foundation of physical body. Besides, it provides the energy to mind and it used to regulate by our mental behavior also. The primary root cause of digestive disorders is taste-oriented food intake as well as hectic lifestyle. At this institute digestive disorders used to treat by regular monitoring of diet as well as enhancing the parasympathetic dominance in the body. Along with this aspirants used to come out from ill-conditioning of life in which they indulged either knowingly or unknowingly.

    Used Line of Yogic Techniques

    • Non-medicinal detoxification
    • Implementation of specific diet plan
    • Stress relieving yogic techniques